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Our Real Estate Legal expertise

After more than 40 years of experience, at ALTEALEX we are skilled lawyers ready to help you in all kind of legal matters related to Real Estate Law. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to provide expert advice in different areas of real estate activity not only to buyers but also to property owners, tenants, developers or building compnies.

Our English-speaking lawyers will take care of all your legal and administrative needs in relation to the real estate sector so that you can be free of any of the problems that lack of knowledge of the law or the customs of the country may cause.

ALTEALEX advises companies and individuals on all types of transactions or business involving real estate of any kind such as villas, apartments, commercial premises, offices, industrial buildings, hotels, residential complexes, plots of land, etc. and our consulting, management and legal defence services cover everything necessary to ensure that your case or business is a complete success, whether you are a buyer, a property owner, a developer, a builder or a investor.

Are you buying a property?

If you intend to buy a house, a plot of land or commercial premises, you should bear in mind that buying a property in Spain on your own can be a complicated and confusing process specially for those who are not Spanish speaking, involving unfamiliar legal transactions and large sums of money. There is a significant amount of legal work involved to ensure the transaction is made safely and complies with all Spanish legal & tax regulations.

Let ALTEALEX Real Estate Lawyers accept the responsibility of making sure your purchase is looked after properly, and that your interests are protected. Our aim is to make conveyancing in Spain as easy and hassel-free as possible.

A house with legal problems?

In addition to the mere conveyancing service, ALTEALEX also offers legal advice and the management of the necessary procedures to solve possible deficiencies or anomalies, such as the non-existence of title deeds, lack of registration in the Land Registry, cancellation of mortgages or liens, problems derived from inheritance or divorce, urban planning irregularities, etc.

And, of course, we can also handle claims for compensation for delays, construction deficiencies or other breaches of contract by construction companies or developers.

Are you already a homeowner?

Our legal advice, management and litigation services for property owners are undoubtedly useful to cover all kind of legal matters related to ownership ensuring peace of mind and/or that any problems that might arise will be successfully solved.

  • Preparation or supervision of rental, purchase and sale, construction or transfer contracts.
  • Claiming payment of rents from tenants
  • Claims against builders, developers and insurance companies for construction defects or any other cause
  • Problems with neighbours or Communities of Owners
  • Compensation for damages, breach of contract or any other cause
  • Resolution of problems with mortgages or repossessions
  • Solving problems with local Town Halls or other official bodies
  • And in general, legal advice, management and resolution, even in court, of all kind of questions, procedures or legal problems related to homes, plots, premises or businesses.

Developers and building companies

If you are a property developer or builder or you intend to start a real estate business, ALTEALEX can give you very useful advice and take care of all kind of legal issues, from the creation of a company to its normal functioning in order to avoid problems and make you succeed.

Among other issues, we can deal with the following:

  • Incorporation and start-up of a company selecting the the right corporate structure
  • Economic and legal feasibility study of land for the construction or development of residential buildings.
  • Application and procedures for obtaining building licences
  • Comprehensive urban planning advice and management
  • Solving problems with local councils or other official bodies.
  • Preparation and supervision of contracts of sale and purchase, execution of works, mediation, marketing and all the complementary legal documentation required by your business
  • Fiscal planning to optimise results
  • Comprehensive advice, administration and supervisión of constructions, developments and urbanisations
  • Claims against subcontractors and service and supply companies.
  • Claims against buyers for non-payment of deferred amounts, breach of contract or for any other reason
  • Resolution of problems with banks.
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Investing in real estate?

Whatever investment opportunity you are hoping to pursue, ALTEALEX can offer guidance to finance and legally structure your investment across the whole Costa Blanca or elsewhere in Spain.

ALTEALEX lawyers will endeavour to provide you with straightforward, timely advice in pursuit of your commercial objectives. We provide a highly personalised service that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Our lawyers will take the time to understand you, your business and your ambitions to guarantee that your expectations are met.

Our consulting and management services will be extremely useful to investors in the real estate sector, not only when it comes to taking care of all the procedures and checks that the acquisition, renting or sale of a property requires, but also for tax planning of the investment to guarantee the success of their business or investment, because our consulting services for real estate investors are carried out diligently and efficiently and allow our clients to know everything that may legally affect the investment or business they intend to carry out and the present or future value of the property or properties they intend to acquire and thus obtain the greatest possible benefit without legal risks. And in case problems arise for any cause related to the investment, they will have the best legal defence.