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ALTEALEX, your international Spanish Law Firm provides a suite of independent and reliable services that are required by individuals and companies who are operating in or moving to Spain.

altea lex

ALTEALEX provides advice and representation in the purchase from the initial stage until the Title Deed is inscribed in the Land Registry, ensuring quick and easy-going transactions.

Spanish wills

If you own a property in Spain it is highly advisable to make a Spanish Will in order to make things easier for your heirs and avoid them additional stress, extra costs or numerous problems to sort out.


Succession is a complex matter that needs to be handled by an expert lawyer. Our 40+ years experience allows us to help those who are inheriting assets in Spain of a deceased person.

Property law

We are skilled lawyers ready to help you in all kinds of legal matters related to Real Estate Law to ensure is a complete success, whether you are a buyer, a property owner, a developer, a builder or an investor.

Non-residents taxation

Whether you are buying, renting, owning or selling a property in Spain, we will inform you about all the expenses, taxes and obligations involved, and carry out the tax filing.

Town Planning

Our team of lawyers and technical collaborators allows us to offer a very special and multidisciplinary service of advice, planning and integral urban management for landowners, investors or builders.

Business / Commercial law

ALTEALEX lawyers work side by side with its clients to help them achieve their business goals, giving the maximum legal support in all the daily challenges of a company and thus preventing later problems.


Although litigation should always be used as a last resort at times it may be necessary to sort out matters in a legal manner. We can advise and represent you in business or personal disputes.

Company formation

ALTEALEX has an all-inclusive service for those who want to start a business in Spain or manage a property portfolio, advising about the most suitable legal structure for your business.

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